How We Work?

When we arrive

Each job will take at least a full day, with large areas or multiple rooms taking several days. The Commercial floor sanding team arring in the morning at your propery. area to be sanded will have to be free of heavy traffic for this period. We will discuss approximate timings with you during your free consultation.

All areas need to be clear of all furniture and equipment before we start. We can do this for you – and replace them when the job is finished. Please discuss this with us during your free assessment.

Why can’t I hire a floor sanding machine?

Don’t be tempted, even if you have only a small area to sand that you think will only take a few hours. Far too many of our customers are those who have damaged their floor with their enthusiastic inexperience – and then ask us to repair the damage.

It saddens us to see a potentially beautiful floor need remedial work. So call on us first. We’ve been sanding floors for twenty years and know what we’re doing.

And don’t forget that our expertise goes beyond the physical task of sanding. Wooden floor products come in a bewildering choice – whether natural or synthetic. We know which are best for your particular flooring needs.